School Mission Statement & Welcome


Dear Potential Parents & Students of St. Cecilia School,

Thank you for taking an interest in our school! I hope that you take some time and look around our website to get a better feel of what our school has to offer. I feel truly honored to possibly be part of your children's formation in the Catholic faith!

The most important duty the Catholic parents have before God is to see that their children are properly brought up and educated. This is a prime and basic purpose of marriage itself. And while the process of education goes on for lifetime, it does require today a certain amount of schooling, particularly during the formative years. When parents, therefore, choose a school for their children, they delegate to the teachers a large part of their responsibilities and a significant portion of their child’s education.

Parents, this is something very serious. Education is not solely for the communication of theory, principles and knowledge. We must form the whole person! If we do not, we run the risk of what Cardinal Newman once said: “Education just through the communication of knowledge does not necessarily make a good child; it can easily make smart devils instead of stupid devils.”

Education is truly successful when it trains the mind to see the right ends and disciplines the will to choose them rather than the wrong ends. And this can only be done by a Catholic education.

Only a Catholic school has all the resources, natural and supernatural, to accomplish this great and noble art of education. She has been doing this for the past two millennia.

I do want to make something clear: We cannot make your son or daughter good. We can however provide the proper formation and tools that any child would need to be good and holy.

To this day I am still grateful for the decision my father and mother made in sending me to Catholic schools. I have not always been a priest nor have I always wanted to be one. I like any other have made bad choices in my life, but I knew what truly would bring me happiness and it was my Catholic education that in the end truly saved my life.

We have an incredible school here, with incredible teachers who truly care about the students they teach. I know that deep down your desire for your children is to see them succeed, and to be happy and our true happiness can only be found in God.

We at St. Cecilia’s Catholic School consider it an honor and a privilege to be involved in the education of your child and we promise to do our best!

 -Fr. Josh Evans

Pastor, St. Cecilia


St. Cecilia, help us to sing God’s praise!