Box Tops and Labels


 Welcome to the 2017/2018 School Year. 


Your coordinators for this year are Amy Arnold and Tammy Stout.  We have started trimming sorting and counting for our first BTFE submission.  We will be sending in label at the end of October.  Please send labels to the school so they can be included in this first submission.


If you don't have the BTFE app on your smart phone you might want to check it out.  This is an easy way to earn extra box tops for our school without HAVING to clip.  They always have some kind of bonus thing going on.  Like right now you can earn 20 bonus box tops when you purchase 2 participating Hefty or Reynolds products.  There are many more bonus items available on the app. 


There are also 3 different sweepstakes promotions available on the BTFE website.  You can setup a free account and enter daily for a chance to win.








School Office

Angela McCullough, President

Tammy Stout, Collections Coordinator