Christmas Play

I hope your child is getting excited about the Christmas Play. We have been practicing a lot in the classroom. Starting November 12th we will begin to move around while saying the lines. Starting November 26th the Monday right after Thanksgiving break we hope that everyone has their lines memorized that way we can really start practicing how they interact with each other.

 On my web page I have posted the video version of the play that way your child can watch it at home while they are going over the lines. I have also posted the complete script with the music under my documents as well, so if your child left theirs at school they can still practice the lines.

We do have some good news the Christmas play has been moved to December 11th, at 7pm at Haysville West Middle School.

Cast List

Benjamin- Tyler

Rachel- Kylie

Servant- Adyson

Herald #1- Grace

Herald #2- Hailie

Herald #3- Jade

Herald #4- Grant

Staff #1- Kaylin D

Staff #2- Aubrey

Staff #3- Fenton

Staff #4- Fletcher

Staff #5- Kara

Guest #1- Alayna

Guest #2- Austin

Guest #2- Alexis

Clerk #1- Bernadette

Clerk #2- Natalya

Shepheard #1- Kailyn V

Shepheard #2- Elijah

Shepherd #3- Layla

Shepherd #4- Ian

King #1- Julia

King #2- Saige

King #3- Jorge

Mary- Beatrice

Joseph- Clarence