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Test Corrections

I allow students to have a chance to try for a better grade on a test if they receive a poor grade, such as a 65% or lower. I will allow the student to have a chance to correct their work for half a point for each question that they missed. The child may use their book when making these corrections. These corrections must be turned in as soon as possible so I will have time to replace their old grade with the new score. 

You will be able to tell if your child's test needs correcting if they have a yellow slip stapled to it. These could start coming home after Labor Day. 

Welcome back

My expectations for students in my classroom are very close to what you expect from them at home.  St. Cecilia School has high expectations for the school community and wishes to encourage Christian virtues such as respect, responsibility, kindness, and forgiveness. The following classroom rules are to help us reach our expectations.

  1. Make sure that you treat everyone as a child of God 
  2. Be respectful and polite to others
  3. Be quiet listeners when others are speaking
  4. Raise your hand to speak and use appropriate voice levels 
  5. Remain in your seats rather than wander around the room disturbing others
  6. Be quiet in the halls, restrooms and to and from church
  7. Be respectful of items that belong to others and to the school
  8. Follow along and be respectful during Mass
  9. Be responsible for your belongings
  10. Always do your best.