End of the Year Reminders


All of the in the students words (computer tests) are done for the year.

As a reminder any late needs to be turned in to me by Friday  May 17th at the latest.  If you find any tests with yellow slips on them you may also correct those to improve your grade for that subject.

In order to watch the Christmas play video

In order to watch the Christmas play video you will need to click on "Watch this video on youtube" I do not know why the link is not pulling it through to my webpage. But when you click the video it will take you to directly to to the video. 

Thank you

Miracle on Bethlehem Street Video

Christmas Play

I hope your child is getting excited about the Christmas Play. We have been practicing a lot in the classroom. Starting November 12th we will begin to move around while saying the lines. Starting November 26th the Monday right after Thanksgiving break we hope that everyone has their lines memorized that way we can really start practicing how they interact with each other.

 On my web page I have posted the video version of the play that way your child can watch it at home while they are going over the lines. I have also posted the complete script with the music under my documents as well, so if your child left theirs at school they can still practice the lines.

We do have some good news the Christmas play has been moved to December 11th, at 7pm at Haysville West Middle School.

Cast List

Benjamin- Tyler

Rachel- Kylie

Servant- Adyson

Herald #1- Grace

Herald #2- Hailie

Herald #3- Jade

Herald #4- Grant

Staff #1- Kaylin D

Staff #2- Aubrey

Staff #3- Fenton

Staff #4- Fletcher

Staff #5- Kara

Guest #1- Alayna

Guest #2- Austin

Guest #2- Alexis

Clerk #1- Bernadette

Clerk #2- Natalya

Shepheard #1- Kailyn V

Shepheard #2- Elijah

Shepherd #3- Layla

Shepherd #4- Ian

King #1- Julia

King #2- Saige

King #3- Jorge

Mary- Beatrice

Joseph- Clarence

Welcome to my Classroom

St. Cecilia School has high expectations for the school community and wishes to encourage Christian virtues such as respect, responsibility, kindness, and forgiveness. The following classroom rules are to help us reach our expectations.

1.     Make sure that you treat everyone as a child of God

2.    Be respectful and polite to others

3.    Be quiet listeners when others are speaking

4.    Raise your hand to speak

5.    Use appropriate voice levels

6.    Remain in your seats rather than wander around the room disturbing others

7.    Be quiet in the halls, restrooms and to and from church

8.    Be respectful of items that belong to others and to the school

9.    Follow along and be respectful during Mass

10.Be responsible for your belongings



On my St. Cecilia webpage will be a lot of useful papers and tools for you and your child to use. I will be putting up the calendar that I will send monthly in your child’s TRAVEL binder, along with the spelling list and other important notes. I already have some links on the website that we will be using all year, such as: Moby Max, Typing.com, Social Studies Weekly, and many more.  There is link to the student’s reading text book on there as well. If you want to work on reading our story that we are focusing on for the week with your child you are more than welcome to do so. Social Studies Weekly is a new website that your child will have access to when we start social studies. It will be connected to the weekly handout that they receive.  I will be adding more throughout the year so feel free to let your child use any of these websites when they do not have homework. 



Since this is a combination class this year some of the subjects will be taught together, and subjects that will be taught to each grade level. Science and Social Studies will be taught together and we will be using the 4th grade standards.  Math, Reading and Religion will all be taught for both 3rd grade and 4th grade.  I highly encourage your child to practice their addition, subtract, multiplication, and division.  4th grade will be starting very quickly with multiplication and division. 3rd grade it will be a couple of months before we start using multiplication and division.



I give the students some time in class to work on their homework but it is up to them if they use that time responsibly.  If your child gets their homework done at school I encourage them to practice their spelling words, their math facts, read for 20 minutes  or get on to Moby Max; so that they can continue to work on their skills.  If a student does have homework and they forget to complete it or forget to turn it in that following morning, they will need to finish the assignment during either morning or afternoon recess.



If your child does poorly on a test, such as a 65% or lower I will allow the student to have a chance to correct their work for half a point for each question that they missed. The child may use their book when making these corrections. These corrections must be turned in as soon as possible so I will have time to replace their old grade with the new score.

Some of the testing that we will be doing will start very quickly this year with MAP, STAR and Title 1 testing. Some other testing that might be new to these grades is 3rd grade will take the Diocesan Religion Assessment in the spring with the 4th grade, this is a test all the Catholic schools in the Diocese will be taking. 4th grade will also be tested for the first time in technology in the spring and we will also be working on their words per minute (WPM). The diocese wants to see every 4th grader typing 14 WPM, since this can be a hard skill for some to learn I encourage the students to get on typing.com at home to practice.  I will also have the 3rd grade start to work on this skill. The diocese is not testing students for this skill until 4th grade but the earlier they start the better they will become. 



During mass this year I do expect all students to participate, especially when we are the ones doing the parts in mass.  This year there are two new roles that the students will be doing in mass and those are cantors and serving (for 4th grade only).  Both 3rd and 4th grade students will take a turn at announcing the songs that will be sung at mass that day, since this is something they have not done yet we will be practicing this part. The 4th grade, starting in October, will be trained how to serve for both daily and weekend masses.  An additional note around this time will be sent out with more information. 



This year we as a class we will be working on being responsible for our belongings and actions.  I am reminding them assignments and homework these first few weeks but soon it will be up to them to make sure that they have everything they need when they go home. 

Mixed and Improper Fractions

Review Long Division

Review Two digit Two multiplication