Flat Stanley

During the first week of December, the first grade read the book Flat StanleyFlat Stanley is about a boy named Stanley who becomes flat when a bulletin board falls on him one night while he is sleeping.  While he is flat, he has many fun adventures.  One of his adventures involves him being mailed in an envelope to visit some friends.  Well, guess what?  Today our class received a letter in the mail.  Would you believe who was inside?  Flat Stanley!  He came all the way from Wisconsin to visit our class!  We can't wait to have some fun adventures with Stanley before he goes back home!


Check Out Web Links

I have added web links of web sites that we will use in the classroom.  These web sites have many educational games for first graders.  To find these links please click on the word "links" located on the upper right side menu.

Welcome to a new year

Welcome to a new school year!  I hope you are as excited as I am!  When students make the transition from Kindergarten to First Grade, they will encounter many new experiences.  One of these new experiences is weekly spelling tests.  Each week I will post the spelling word list here on my page of the school's website.  Please look at the spelling list on Monday and then help your child practice the words throughout the week.  Tests will be given on Fridays.