April 2019

April is flying past.  We are already halfway through the month.  We have been working on so many different things.  We are working with measurement in math and have been focusing on sound in science.

We are working with vowel digraphs in both our spelling and phonic classes, while grammar is focusing on irregular verbs.  Our final list of spelling words went home on Friday.  It should be in the children's BEE Book.  Our recent story in reading, focused on plants and seeds.  

We are finishing up Unit 4 in religion and are ready to begin Unit 5.  We wrote thank you notes to the Altar Society, Mr. Runa and Fr. May for all the things they have done for us for First Communion.  I reminded the students that they may want to put the Holy Card they received from Fr. May in a special place since it was blessed by Pope John Paul II, who has been declared a saint!  We are also discussing Palm Sunday and Holy Week.  Today the students learned how to weave palms.  A few found it a bit challenging!

This week the students are bringing home their Fun Night raffle tickets to sell.  Maybe, if they see family for Easter, they could make a few sales, as well as find a few Easter eggs, have a wonderful family meal and visit with family! 

Have a wonderful Easter and God Bless

Mrs. Bennett