6th/7th Science

6th/7th Science parents, 

The following post is a description of the current science project that I have assigned. The best way for students to complete this assignment is to first research what the layers of the earth and their parameters. Once they have that, they should turn their research towards how scientist have determined the layers. 

On a separate note, PLEASE don not spend a bunch of money on this project. The better they understand the information the easier they can complete the project.

Requirements:   1) 3-D model of the earth.

                     -Must include labels! (10 pts)

                   2) Short presentation that covers;

                     A) Description of layers. (10pts)

                     B) How do we know this? (5pts)

 -No one has ever seen the layers.

 -What evidence do we have that these layers are what they say they are. 

Restrictions:     1) No Styrofoam Balls.

                   2) Must be at least 4 inches (> 10cm) in diameter.


Specials:         1) Groups of 2 or less

                   2) Due by the end of class Wed. (10-17)

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