Spiritual Life and Prayer


Eucharistic Adoration allows people the blessing of spending a scheduled hour each week in prayer with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration is every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

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Altar Server

This person assists the pastor with the ceremony of the celebration of Mass and special liturgical events. Any parishioner, 4th-12th grade may be trained. This person should know about the various items and procedures that are used in the celebration of the Mass and also understand the meaning of the liturgical sections of the Mass. Respectful clothing should be worn, even if the cassock will cover their clothes.

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The parish has music coordinators to oversee recruitment and training, and to coordinate liturgical needs. St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music and our parish sees this as a focal point. The Church desires that all of the faithful be involved in a full and active participation during the Celebration of the Mass as well as special events. The parish maintains choirs to meet the varied gifts of our parishioners: a traditional choir, youth choir, and contemporary choir are examples. The parish also develops special event choirs. Cantors and instrumentalists are not limited to an individual or single instrument. Many forms of musical expression praising God are welcome in our Liturgy. Ages: middle school and up.

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Eucharistic Ministers

These parishioners assist the pastor in the Eucharistic delivery to our parishioners, both within the Mass and to our homebound parishioners. Those interested in this activity must be baptized, confirmed, and receive pastor approval. There is a training session required by the Diocese and is held at the Spiritual Life Center.

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Gift Bearers

Parishioners bring the gifts of treasure and of bread and wine to the altar during the offertory. This is usually a family activity, but may also be a special group or special event activity.

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Any parishioner can participate in this ministry. The function of this ministry is to greet parishioners upon entering the Church for the Celebration of Mass, often opening the door as they enter. This person should be available at least 15-20 minutes before Mass begins. This ministry is encouraged to visit with those who enter the vestibule and be especially attentive to visitors. This is a great opportunity for all family members to participate at the same time in the same ministry.

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Lectors assist the congregation in participating in Mass. Lectors proclaim the Word of God. Each year Lectors receive a book of the liturgical readings for the current cycle. Training is available. Ages: middle school and up.

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Ministry Lists

This list is available in advance, monthly, for the liturgical assignments. The person who develops and maintains this list gets the information from the annual stewardship forms. The ministries are for a yearly commitment. This person develops lists of all parishioners who volunteer for each ministry and maintains a rotation. The lists are available to the participants from the leaders of each ministry. It is up to the parishioner to arrange for changes or substitutions. This person also develops ministry lists for special events.

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Prayer Line

Pray for special needs of parishioners and pass along those needs to the next person on the prayer line. We presently have 4 different prayer lines. When a prayer request is called in, it is called out to the first person on each prayer line. They, in turn, call the person directly under their name and on down the line. Prayer requests may be made for serious illnesses, accident victims, deaths, etc.


Tootie Caskey

Connie Hartman

Janell Pawlak


Rosary Group in Homes

This is a group of parishioners that meet on Friday at 9:00 a.m. at a host family residence to recite the rosary, pray for special intentions, and conduct spiritual activities. The time commitment is approximately one hour.

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Rosary Before Mass

Rosary is prayed before all weekend Masses for the intention of vocations. Rosary Leaders need to begin the Rosary 20 minutes before the start of Mass.

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This person assists the pastor to get the sacred vessels of the Church ready for each sacramental celebration. Time commitment is 15-30 minutes before and/or after each Mass.


LeRoy Jones

Sylvester Lipke

Richard Free



This person helps locate available seating when necessary; assists in collection of monetary offerings, takes gifts to the altar, and distributes weekly bulletin after Masses.

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