Endowment Committee

This group oversees the endowment fund. The function is to market the program and recommend allocation of funds in accordance with the purpose of the fund. The endowment fund at St. Cecilia is established for the funding and development of Catholic education. There are five members. Term of membership is to be no longer than five years. Meetings are as required, but at least twice annually.

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Finance Committee

The finance committee is the steering committee to review, assess, plan, and budget for the fiscal operation of the parish. This is a 6-member committee that includes the parish bookkeeper and the pastor. The term of membership is 3 years. Meetings are held monthly.

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Fireworks Committee

The fireworks committee oversees the parish fireworks stand. The proceeds from the stand benefit the parish. The time commitment is approximately one week.

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Money Counters

This group gives their time and talent to count, prepare bank drafts, and make the deposit for the weekly offerings.

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