Church Improvement Committee (CIC)

This steering committee has responsibility for plant operations. The committee has overseen projects of refurbishing and maintenance of the Church, the basketball courts, pastor’s garage, signage, and widening of the access roads. The committee is made up of 6 members and the pastor. The meetings are held monthly or as needed.

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These parish volunteers give their time and talent to maintain parish facilities. The leaders organize the teams that clean the school on a regular basis. The Church is maintained by cleaning the floors and restrooms. There is periodic maintenance of the gym floor, as well as any other needs. This is a regular activity during the school session. Time commitment is several hours on a rotation.

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Lawn Care

This group maintains grounds. The leader schedules the crews for mowing/trimming. This group also maintains equipment needed for grounds work. This is a regular activity during mowing season. Time commitment is several hours.

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