Parish History

The parish was founded in 1959.

The first building was a Quonset hut that was used as the place of worship.

The present church was dedicated in 1964.

The first pastor was Father Reinhard Eck.

There have been a total of eight pastors during the existence of the parish.

  1. Father Reinhart Eck
  2. Msgr. Denis Dougherty
  3. Father John L. Dinan
  4. Father Leon Kerschen
  5. Father John Zich
  6. Father Andy Kuykendall
  7. Father Thomas Wai
  8. Father Yancey Burgess

The community has grown to presently about 400 families.

The school opened in 1966. The Dominican sisters guided the school. The first schoolrooms were in the basement of the church.

The new parish hall and school opened in January 1991.

Present school is Pre K through 8th grade.